Managed Wi-Fi Services

nettify provides a state-of-the-art Managed Wi-Fi

Services to hotels and resorts of any type or size

From a fully-customised captive portal to PMS-interfaced access control and billing system, to bandwidth management and detailed statistics, we can implement solutions—in most cases, even on your existing infrastructure. We take total care of your guest Wi-Fi, A to Z.

Full PMS Integration

Convenient, secure and the most flexible way of guest authentication.

Bandwidth Management & QoS

Effective bandwidth allocation per device, room or an event, dedicated or shared.

Access Control System

Choose from various ways of internet access for guests, groups, visitors and collect insightful data.

Customised Captive Portal

Tailor-made multilingual portal pages for internet access, optimised for tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Social Wi-Fi Login

Let your guests log in using their social media accounts and gain relevant marketing data.

Ads & Banners

Upsell your services and inform guests about special events and promotions.

Post & Prepaid Billing System

Automatic room account charges, credit card charges or cash payments.

Log-in Only Once!

Get rid of one of the most common complaints and let guests feel at home.

Seamless Roaming

Let your guests enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, all around your property with a single logon.

Blacklist & Whitelist

Keep 100% control over who is using hotel Wi-Fi and protect your guests.

Statistics and Reports

Detailed reports of all transactions made by users in a reviewed period.

Guest PC Kiosk

The easy way to manage access to public PCs, without the need for dedicated personnel.

24/7 HelpDesk

24-hour assistance for your guests and hotel staff.

System Maintenance

We manage your Wi-Fi Infrastructure and do regular hardware maintenance and software updates.

24/7 System Monitoring

24/7 on-line supervision of the system, with immediate alerts to HelpDesk operators.

…and many, many more features.

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