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Nettify Connect – Hotel Wi-Fi Solutions

A state-of-the-art guest Wi-Fi management platform for hotels and resorts of any type or size

Cloud-based Nettify Connect is a hardware-independent, feature-rich access and bandwidth management system providing high-quality data services. It is a central platform for the distribution of guest Wi-Fi and other hotel Wi-Fi solutions in guest rooms, meeting rooms and public areas.

Nettify Connect

Full PMS Integration

Convenient, secure and the most flexible way of guest authentication.

Bandwidth Management & QoS

Effective bandwidth allocation per guest, room or an event, dedicated or shared.

Log-in Only Once!

Get rid of one of the most common complaints and let guests feel at home.

Wi-Fi Entertainment

Let your guests consume the content they love from the comfort of their rooms.


Ads & Banners

Upsell your services and inform guests about special events and promotions.

Guest messaging

Reach your guests directly via a brand-new communication channel.

QR Code Login

Instant touchless guest internet access.

Loyalty Program Integration

Recognize and reward your loyal customers; motivate new ones to subscribe.

Seamless Roaming

Let your guests enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, all around your property with a single logon.

Access Control System

Choose from various ways of internet access for guests, groups, visitors, including vouchers, social login, QR codes and collect insightful data.

Customised Captive Portal

Tailor-made multilingual portal pages for internet access, optimised for tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Post & Prepaid Billing System

Automatic room account charges, credit card charges or cash payments.

Statistics and Reports

Detailed reports of all transactions made by users in a reviewed period.

Blacklist & Whitelist

Keep 100% control over who is using hotel Wi-Fi and protect your guests.

Social Wi-Fi Login

Let your guests log in using their social media accounts and gain relevant marketing data.

24/7 HelpDesk

24-hour assistance for your guests and hotel staff.

System Maintenance

We manage your Wi-Fi Infrastructure and do regular hardware maintenance and software updates.

24/7 System Monitoring

24/7 on-line supervision of the system, with immediate alerts to HelpDesk operators.

…and many, many more features.

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