Nettify Sign™ – Hotel Digital Signage

Wireless. Display-independent. Cloud-based.

Hotel digital signage Nettify Sign is another unique solution in our portfolio. It is wireless, works on any display, TV, monitor or projector and can be managed on any device from anywhere. Serverless and inexpensive WiFi digital signage. Exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Nettify signage

Looking for a hotel digital signage solution that is both wireless and inexpensive? Look no further!

Nettify Sign is the right solution. It’s wireless, works on any display, TV, monitor or projector and can be managed on any device from anywhere. Plus, it’s very easy to use – you don’t need any special skills or training.

Inform guests about important information, like promos, events and wayfinding. Display advertisements, digital menu boards, photos, and videos, combined with running messages and news feeds, to engage guests and employees. Change content instantly or prepare campaigns that will run automatically based on a date, time of day and assigned display.

Save your time and money on digital signage solutions that are difficult to use and manage and require power-hungry servers. Nettify Sign is the perfect serverless and inexpensive solution for you.

Main Features:


Easy to deploy and redeploy anywhere within the reach of a WiFi signal.


Literally any display, TV, monitor or projector is supported, with or without an HDMI port.


Borderless, scalable, asset-light with high availability and great economics.


No expensive, power-hungry servers are needed as we tap into modern cloud services.

Fully Customisable

Horizontal and vertical layouts can be fully customized, while multiple file types are supported.

Locally Stored Content

Yet, content is stored locally to avoid unnecessary bandwidth consumption and dependency on live connectivity.


Instantly broadcast time-sensitive content at a click of a button.

Scheduled Content

Pre-prepare content well ahead of important events.

Online & Offline

With or without internet connectivity, your content will be displayed anyway.

Ad Campaigns Planner

Upsell your services and inform guests about special events and promotions at the right time.

On-display Messages

Reach your guests directly via an extra communication channel.

Content Management

Manage content from any browser on any device from anywhere in the world.

OTT Apps

Play sports events and premium content on any TV or projector.

Weather Forecast

Current weather or a multi-day forecast.

RSS Feeds

Airport flight details, current exchange rates, the latest news and more.
…and many, many more features.

FAQ – Your Questions Answered

What is hotel digital signage?

Hotel digital signage refers to the use of digital displays, such as LCD/LED screens and walls or projectors, to provide guests and MICE attendees with real-time information and interactive content throughout the hotel. This includes information about hotel amenities, events, promotions, weather forecasts, social media feeds, and other interactive content.

What are the benefits of digital signage for hotels?

Hotel digital signage can be a powerful marketing tool for hotels, providing information to guests in a visually engaging way that helps drive revenue and create stronger guest relationships. Additionally, digital signage provides an efficient way to streamline check-in processes and communicate information to guests, reducing the need for printed materials and minimising staff time required to provide information.

With digital signs, hotels can quickly provide information such as local attractions, restaurants and directions, present promotional offers and discounts, generate customer loyalty programs and much more.

How can hotel digital signage improve guest experience?

Hotel digital signage improves the guest experience by allowing them to access relevant and timely information instantly. For example, display digital maps of the hotel, offer flight times and delays, promote services and help guests check-in/check-out. This helps guests navigate the property and make informed decisions about their stay.

How can digital signage be used to increase revenue for a hotel?

Digital signage can be used to increase revenue for a hotel in a number of ways. For example:

Upselling: Digital signage can promote hotel amenities, such as spa services, room upgrades, and dining options. By highlighting these offerings attractively and interactively, hotels can encourage guests to purchase additional in-house services and amenities rather than outside the hotel.

Third-party advertising: Digital signage can be used to display ads and promotions of third parties, driving extra revenue for the hotel.

Wayfinding: Digital signage can help guests navigate the hotel and find amenities such as restaurants, meeting rooms, spas and other areas. This can help hotels generate additional revenue by making it easier for guests to find and use all of the hotel’s amenities.

What are the advantages of wireless digital signage?

Nettify Sign is a WiFi digital signage which brings the following advantages:

– It’s highly cost-effective: our WiFi digital signage eliminates the need for expensive cabling and installation costs.

– It’s easily scalable: our wireless digital signage can be quickly scaled to accommodate your hotel’s needs, whether a small property or a large resort.

– It’s portable: move displays from one location to another with ease!

Can Nettify Sign be used for advertising campaigns?

Yes. Our WiFi digital signage can be used for ad campaigns and promotions. All the content can be prepared and timed well in advance and run based on a date, hour of the date and specific display assigned.

What types of content can be displayed on Nettify’s WiFi digital signage?

Nettify Sign WiFi digital signage can display a wide range of content, including:

– Real-time information on hotel events, activities, and promotions
– Interactive content such as weather forecasts and news feeds
– Room information and amenities
– Dining and entertainment options
– Maps and directions
– Local attraction and activity information
– Guest-generated content, such as reviews and social media posts
– Weather forecast.

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