Hotel WiFi Audit

Unsure of the reason your guest WiFi network is underperforming? Get an outside expert’s opinion!

Installing or upgrading a hotel WiFi network without a professional site analysis and hotel WiFi audit is like building a hotel without construction plans. We will check all the parts and components of your network to provide an accurate picture and give you a list of recommended measures for a cost-effective fix.

Need guidance with many different proposals you’ve received for your guest WiFi upgrade? Then, let us save you thousands of dollars on often over-specced hardware and ensure your money is well invested.

WiFi Heat Map

Site Surveys

Real site visit of your property. Networks cannot be properly designed based on floor plans alone.

Heatmap Reports

Visualisation of WiFi signal, along with detailed signal levels throughout your property.

Network Analysis

Measurements, current configurations, network security, and physical allocations.

Bill of Material

Detailed analysis of proposed BoMs of various vendors, to make sure you get the right equipment.

Bandwidth Analysis

Are you really getting what you are paying for? And is it good enough for your purposes?

WiFi Consultancy

Industry standards and best practises matched to your specific requirements.

FAQ – Your Questions Answered

Can you do a hotel network audit remotely?

Yes, we can! We will access your guest network remotely and analyse it, as well as the configuration of all active network components like WLAN controllers, switches and access points.

What is the outcome of the hotel WiFi audit?

We will create a detailed report consisting of our findings and recommendations for remedy so that the analysed guest network complies either with your brand standards or with general hospitality standards for hotel networks.

When should we do a hotel network audit?

First, if you never ordered a hotel WiFi audit. Then every time your network changes topology or hardware because many system integrators do not follow hotel network standards. Lastly, if you have been facing constant guest complaints. Reach out to us; we are here to help.

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