Why working with us?

Quality Wi-Fi is like a chain: it consists of many parts and settings and is only as strong as its weakest part. One mismanaged part leaves your whole investment in tatters and your guests unhappy. 

Think twice before you decide who to appoint.

When it comes to Wi-Fi service providers, what options do you have? There are three types of company that will knock on your door and claim they can make your Wi-Fi service great. So, let’s see the business models that drive their motives and their overall relevance to your guest Wi-Fi service:

1. Internet Service Provider (ISP)

ISPs are in the business of selling bandwidth. It is the main interest of the company and its shareholders. Everything else is much less important. They have to move fast and be aggressive in sales because market consolidation is often just around the corner, and only the biggest will survive. Yes, you need ISPs to deliver bandwidth, but letting them design and manage your Wi-Fi is an entirely different story.

• Usually a known brand—since they sell bandwidth to anybody and everybody, the chances are you’ve heard of them.
• One-stop-shop.

• No ISP can cover all your hotels (if you are a chain) and thus cannot unify the guest experience across your brand.
• Every change of an ISP will force you to change the hotel’s captive portal and the whole Wi-Fi management system.
• ISPs lack the specific knowledge of a hotel Wi-Fi design. They copy-paste across market verticals.
• ISPs offer hardware and a very basic Wi-Fi platform only to protect their core business—bandwidth sales.
• The equipment they provide is mostly consumer-grade low-cost, unfit for hotel networks.
• Their customer support, handling mainly requests from households, will treat your VIP guest the exact same way.

2. System Integrator (SI)

System Integrators are in the business of selling hardware. Their goal is to sell you the equipment and send you their invoice. This is where it usually ends, but a few also offer some kind of a third-party captive portal.

• Usually a known brand—since they sell hardware to various types of companies, the chances are that you’ve heard of them.
• Can offer instalments for their equipment.

• Lack of specific knowledge of hotel Wi-Fi design. Similar to ISPs, they apply the same rule of thumb to open space office buildings, malls, and… your hotel.
• The hardware is often over-specified, and unnecessarily expensive for your purpose.
• They will push you to purchase even before any Wi-Fi design has been made and the right hardware types and quantities identified.
• Their support is virtually non-existent, so your IT manager will end-up resolving all Wi-Fi related issues down the road.

3. Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Hospitality MSPs, like nettify, are in the business of Wi-Fi management and customer service. They are selling customer satisfaction. If the guests are not happy, there is no other compelling reason (like the bandwidth or hardware instalments), to keep MSPs on board. Thus, they strive to keep the Wi-Fi service smooth and hotel guests happy. Consider hospitality-oriented MSPs over general MSPs that service various verticals.

• 100% Hospitality oriented.
• Know all the specifics of guest Wi-Fi design.
• Able to unify guest Wi-Fi experience across the entire hotel chain.
• Will help you chose the right hardware.
• Their Wi-Fi platforms are far more advanced and specialised.
• 24/7 support is part of their DNA.

• Maybe less well-known, due to their narrow market and geographic focus.

!! Warning: some ISPs are aware of their constraints and have started to market themselves as MSPs. How do you recognise them? It’s simple. If the “MSP” also happens to sell bandwidth, they are plain and simple an ISP. The rest is just marketing. !!

The Key Takeaway:  People and companies are driven by their motivations, and you want theirs to be in line with yours, as much as possible. Decide yourself which of the above match yours.
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