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Conference Wi-Fi Services 

A truly wireless and cableless experience!


If done right, MICE is a significant contribution to your revenues but extremely sensitive to the quality of the services. The biggest challenge is usually the quality of Wi-Fi, the capability of the conference management platform and on-site IT support. In addition, the hundreds or even thousands of concurrent devices your network is supposed to host can quickly become a major issue. However, if your network design and deployment steps were done well, all you need is a modern Wi-Fi management platform like Nettify Connect ®.

Get professional tools and stand out!

Bandwidth Management

Allocate bandwidth requested by an incoming group and protect it from being used by other meetings and events.

Access Management

Make sure only authorised users can tap into the allocated bandwidth for each individual group.

Wireless Presentations

Forget the long HDMI cable runs, VGA to HDMI adapters, and all the hassle related to wired presentations run from laptops. Instead, offer a genuinely cableless experience. Let your guests give presentations from their mobile phones, tablets or laptops instantly and wirelessly!

On-demand Deployments

Boost your Wi-Fi capacity for VIP events, as needed! Special requests for network setups and tests are handled on-site by Nettify personnel.

On-site Technical Support

As your managed Wi-Fi provider, we make sure large events run smooth, and your clients are delighted.

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